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We at Maximus believe that a mobilephone is more than just a communication device and we’re pondered by the potential of mobile technology to transform people’s lives with smarter choices. We’re entirely inspired by the people around us who make the most of the energy, ideas and opportunities offered by a rapidly changing world.

Our brand promise, Live Smart, sets out our deep and lasting commitment to people to allow them to be smarter. By developing your strengths, valuing your unique perspectives and enabling you to make a difference to our success,we will you to fulfil your potential with your desired mobilephone at a reasonable price. Thus we are in an endeavor to shape a new era of mobile industry in Bangladesh.

You are cordially invited to develop your skills with smart colleagues who see opportunities and take initiative. At Maximus,you’ll work in an inspiring environment founded on openness, collaboration and honesty. From product innovation to taking a lead in the smart world, you’ll be free to share ideas and see actions turn into immediate and visible results. Welcome aboard!

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